What customers and audiences are saying

"Working with Mathew and Marcella is amazing...their work is amazing, but actually working with them is amazing because they bring so much to the table.

Consummate artists with great attitudes and team spirit. They are always full of fresh new ideas and approaches, yet they take direction so well!

Attention to details others would overlook is their forte. Creative problem solvers!"

Larry Watts






"As a DP, James Burgess has an inspired cinematic vision, deep understanding of the technicalaspects of the process and is an invaluable collaborative partner on the day.  I would highly recommend him as an essential part of any film project."

Andrew Librizzi




"Very powerful film, James. Beautifully photographed. You always loved the anamorphic frame and knew how to play people within that frame.  The lighting  was beautifully modeled.  None of this surprises me for your work has always been exceptional and way ahead of it's time." 


Roy H. Wagner,  ASC
(American Society of Cinematographers)

Director of Photography

"Beyond the amazing footage, I am honestly blessed by your love of the craft and of the entire filmmaking process.  Your contribution was immeasurable."

Samuel Thomas





“Goosebumps, knot in stomach, lump in throat, tears. This will be a tough one to watch… But watch it I will.”


Audience Member




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